Miscellaneous Projects


2000 halftone screened photocopies of 22 different images from various projects were crumpled and placed on the gallery floor. An “artist’s statement” standing in as the “correct meaning” was mounted on the far wall, necessitating trampling the images in access.

The walls were lit, indicating their conventional role as the location of art. The utilization of the retrospective, at a premature point in my career was to set up expectations in the publicity process, as well as provide a suitably overblown context to invite the “collection” of my work both as reproductions of previously shown work and as originals from the current exhibition. 

“Self” Portrait




Routes To Desire

Bus route maps were altered with additional information to use the allegory of a linear transportation network in a city as spatially scattered as Los Angeles to address the similar limitations of constructing one's subjective desires along the lines of seemingly objective social definitions (acting as utilities). In both scenarios, vast territories lie untouched by  the dominant social arteries of transit and language. The added arrows resemble sperm cells in a multidirectional state of flux/search while the stated direction of north is keyed on the map to represent the differing notions of desire.  Additional text in the time chart narrates these representation as well as  the differing perspectives (first person, third person, etc. of depiction. These maps were replaced in RTD customer centers and buses.

Urinal Restraining Order

Urinal Restraining Order involves the placement of the sticker below on the dividers between urinals, positioned so one is violating the terms of the order to even read it, making literal the social contract always implied and address the tenuousness and self consciousness of the notion of privacy. The concept of Law as a corrective presence is also complicated by its simultaneous forbidding of action, instruction of action and projection of motive for action. I also wanted to make the implied social contract at urinals concrete, overt, and funny.


About losing track.