The Four Mists of Chaos, the North, the East, the West,and the South, went to visit Chaos himself. He treated them all very kindly and when they were thinking of leaving, they consulted among themselves how they might repay his hospitality. Since they had noticed that he had no holes in his body, as they each had (eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc.), they decided each day to provide him with an opening. At the end of seven days, Kwang-tse tells us, Chaos died.

Transcript of story 27, Indeterminacy... Ninety Stories by John Cage, With Music, ca. 26'00" to 27'00" From “How to Pass, Kick, Fall, and Run”, A Year from Monday , p.137


The Four Mists of Chaos is comprised of four “Focus Groups” of series. The overall organizing principle is factors that block the perception of change. All groups incorporate strategies of representing the landscape and correspond to the four compass points. The vertical points are represented as separate points, as in hierarchy. The East/West axis is represented as a trajectory, as in horizontal structures of power and classification.